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Attributes of a Seasoned Travel Professional

The entire hospitality industry is customer centric. Travel is very much a part of it. In this short blog, we are going to understand in brief about some of the major attributes for becoming a seasoned travel professional. Let us understand this in a better way.

1. Personality Traits: One doesn’t always need to be an extrovert to prove himself/herself infront of the clients or customers. One needs to have an appropriate and an optimistic mindset to understand or listen to the needs of a customer /client. So listening and understanding the priorities of clients is very important.

2. Geography Knowledge : One needs to be passionate towards knowing or exploring various geographical destinations. Basic knowledge of World geography along with the updated trends is a must thing. Maps, oceans,countries,cities and to go beyond is to know and understand people, culture and their cuisines which shall make you a seasoned travel professional.

3. Love for Travel : One needs to personally love travelling be it locally or globally. A sense of exploration, curiosity and willingness to explore people and cultural diversity is the key factor. So this can help you relate to the priorities of your clients in a better way.

4. Professional Knowledge & Skills: Apart from the above, today’s age is based on  “skill” or “practical exposure”. Mentors or Industry professionals who really have insights on work place can guide you to become an expert. Hence one needs to learn or pursue a professional travel course from the best institute.

We at LKEASD, guide, mentor and help place student into corporates. It is one of the best institute for pursuing a Travel and Tourism course. The course is designed in such a way that you will climb the ladder in this profession.

Come, enquire with us as we are an institute with a difference. Travel and Tourism courses to make you a seasoned professional await you. Enroll as a student and become a well groomed travel professional.

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