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Do you want to pursue the most fascinating Air Ticketing Course?

Does flying fascinate you? Were you passionate about traveling, adventure, and flying airplanes? Have you also dreamt of choosing a career in Airlines? Well, in this blog post you will get to know an exciting career in the aviation industry that can have various career opportunities for your preference.

IATA air ticketing course in Mumbai is one of the most popular courses that can assist you to grow in the aviation industry.

Read on to know more about the air ticketing course.

All about Air Ticketing Course

The air ticketing course is a popular and specialized course in the aviation industry. There are several short terms, degree, diploma courses that aspirants can choose from. The IATA air ticketing course is a highly job oriented program that can help students to choose a financially stable career path.

The Air ticketing course offers comprehensive skills and knowledge related to airport management, travel management, ticketing process, and air management, along with professional training.

Diploma in Airline Ticketing is a most sought over course that educates about the process of offering a document by a travel agency or an airline to confirm that a passenger has purchased a seat on an airplane. The air ticketing course educates several airline ticketing concepts such as ticketing, boarding, travel agency management, ticketing process, and much more.

Basic Details about Diploma in Air Ticketing

An air ticketing executive who can generally be found at the ticket/ bookings/reception sectors at airports. Their key task is to communicate with the individuals and offer them with airline tickets and boarding passes as per their needs.

In recent days, air ticketing systems utilize online payment systems, computers, and IT systems. Refund policy or Ticket cancellation also differs for each airline.

If you are passionate about entering this profession, you should be well-trained in the following aspects. They are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Air Ticketing Software
  • Computer Application
  • Passports and VISAs
  • Customer Service
  • Refund and Cancellation Policy


The air ticketing course at LK Education trains students in all the above-stated areas. With the help of the skills acquired from this course, aspirants can land at any ticketing job at resorts, hotels, travel agencies, etc.

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