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Things to know to become a HR in Travel and Tourism Industry

The scope of job opportunities in the field of travel and tourism are very high and have high potential with a wide range of career opportunities existing both in public and private sectors. In the public sector, one can find enormous opportunities in the department of tourism of the state and centre offices. While the private sectoralso offers ample opportunities in various verticals such as travel agencies, hotels and resorts, airlines etc. With increasing job opportunities in the sector, the role of HR is getting prominentand crucial  among the companies.

A career in the travel sector is highly adventurous, exciting and high paying at the same time. As per the reports published by the WTTC, India can add up to another Rs. 8, 50,000 crores by end of 2022 just through travel and tourism sector.

The need of Human Resource in Travel and Tourism

It is now more significant than ever for firms to concentrate on an efficient management and become more proactive in developing a strong foundation forthe corporate culture. They require more people to involve in management activities and get more creative with the use of social media, marketing and analytics tools to communicate the values. Due to increase in demand, a lot of candidates show interest in HR courses. If you feel as this role is a good fit, then you are more likely to apply.

The role of HR includes measuring retention rates, tracking employee performance or training outcomes, and utilize people analytics tools support to connect the dots between financial performance and HR trends.

As part of the HR courses, all the above skills have been covered as a curriculum along with other HR soft skills training such as creativity, teamwork, interpersonal communication and time management.  Companies anticipate HR teams to develop more cohesive teams, so at LK education we have included all these skills in the program.HR programs can be very effective in developing people within the organization and also aids in cultivating a leadership mindset.

The tourism industry is the largest revenue generator of foreign exchange across the world and employs millions of candidates directly or indirectly through its service domain.

Wish to pursue HR course in Travel and Tourism industry?  Explore LK Education to know course duration and Curriculum. We also have one of the most reasonable HR course fees in Mumbai.

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