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Why is hands-on training mandatory in the tourism industry?

Travel and tourism course is a  practical education, which means that only book-learning will not fully suffice to become a well-groomed travel professional. It is important that aspirants have to be offered real-time and practical exposure because learning with on-field exposure makes them a skilled professional.

Many candidates who pursue short term HR courses in Mumbai enter the academy with no or minimal level of understanding about the mechanism of how the industry operates. Hence the course should offer the right level of practical learning, also the travel institute should be fully equipped to provide an amazing platform for experiential learning.

1) Feel the real pulse of the versatile industry: Several short term courses in the travel and tourism industry pivot around only learning that is doomed by design. If students are not learning from the academy of hard-knocks, then they may as well not gain knowledge on anything at all. Being the ever-changing business industry, the active involvement in the field of your learning will enhance students to be better equipped for professional life.

2) Acquire skills by doing No amount of practical or visual learning can offer an equal level the advantage that is given by the hands-on training. At LK education, our main emphasis is laid on the process of involvement instead of passive participation.

3) You find your calling:  This is important for almost every profession but takes a special place within the travel and tourism industry. You can find a plethora of responsibilities as an HR professional in the travel industry that you can take upon completing this course. As you experience real-time exposure even before the completion of the course, you may find your dream job or may sit in the desired role of the tourism business.

4) Mistakes are your teacher:  When you are an amateur or in the learning phase, a lot of mistakes happen when you execute things, this is applicable for the travel and tourism industry as well. Mistakes can sometimes help you to learn faster.

5) Widens your professional network: Your professional network is all about how well you are associated with the tourism matrix.

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